What is the difference between a Head to toe figurine and a Premade body figurine?

Head to toe figurine is a fully customized sculpture created according to your specifications. Head of the figurine is built according to photos delivered to us while body/pose is made based on your description/pictures.

Premade body figurine is a sculpture with custom head and premade body. Head of the figurine is created according to photos delivered to us while the body is chosen from our web-shop selection. Body pose, clothes, and colors are already premade.
Items like the logo, glasses, name on the base and other small add-ons are FREE of charge. There is also no extra charge for bobbling head.

What is the size of the figurine?

Our custom figurine/bobblehead are about 7.5 - 8 inches (19 - 21 cm) tall. The sizes may vary depending on the design.

What materials are your figurine/bobbleheads made of?

Our bobbleheads are made from quality polymer clay, eco-friendly material. Polymer clay is an incredibly durable medium that gives wonderful details which can make your bobblehead alive-looking.
Colors that you see are actual colors of the material. During baking, the material gets the final color.
If necessary some details are colored or made of metal, plastic, glass etc.
Most important to health, polymer clay is rated as a non-toxic eco-friendly material.

What kind of material is the base made of?

Figurines stand on a wooden base made of beech wood. The base is handcrafted from quality wood and has decorative edges. Wood is coated with a semi-gloss finish.
In accordance with your wishes, we can create a base in other shapes and colors.

What kind of photos should I send?

We need at least two good quality photos of the face; one should be front-view and another side-view photo.
The likeness of the bobbleheads depends on the quality of the photos. We accept all picture formats but prefer .jpg and .png files.
If you want a Head to toe full custom design, we will need a body position and clothing photo. If you don't have such pictures, you can try to find similar ones on the internet, or describe your wishes in the description box.

What is proofing?

As the figurine is being made, through our sculpting process you will receive in-progress proof photos where you will be able to comment likeness and provide eventual suggestions for modifications.  Proofing is free of charge. When you are completely satisfied, the figurine is shipped to you.

How long does the sculpting process and shipping take?

The Standard process of fabrication and shipping takes approximately 5 weeks.

If you're in a hurry, you can select Priority shipping and sculpting method. Your figurines can be made and delivered to you within 3 weeks. Time needed for the proofing process is not included so make sure there's no delay in responding to our proofs which will speed up the whole process.

Choosing the fastest Express shipping and sculpting, figurines can be delivered to you in 14 days. Time needed for the proofing process is not included so make sure there's no delay in responding to our proofs which will speed up the whole process.

What is the price of shipping?

Price of shipping depends on the urgency of your order. Planned delivery time includes manufacturing.

  • Standard shipping = 25$ (5 weeks)
  • Priority shipping = 49$ (3 weeks)
  • Express shipping = 79$ (14 days)


What countries do you ship to?

We happily ship to all countries worldwide!

What payment methods do you offer?

  • Bank (wire) transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card via PayPal

We offer payment through PayPal as one of the safest payment methods on the Internet. PayPal offers a convenient method for making payments without providing your credit card number to a seller.
You can use this service using a credit card even if you do not want to sign up for an account of your own.
Making payments with PayPal is free of charge for the buyer.

What if my figurine is broken when I receive it?

Ordered products are packaged in a way that will prevent damage in transport/delivery. Every order is protected with specialized transport packaging.
Before shipping, the figurines are photographed to confirm that the correct products are sent undamaged.
We are not responsible for any damages incurred during the courier service. But do not worry, if the figurines come damaged, send us photo proof and we'll send you a new one as a replacement.

Do you offer refunds?

If you're not entirely happy with your figurine, we will refund your money. Cancelation is possible at any time during the creation (pre-shipping) process.
We have the right to keep 20% of the amount of order to avoid scam and to compensate for material and a time spent on creating. No cash refund after you approve and receive your figurine.
We always do our best to make sure every customer is completely satisfied.

Have a question that has not been answered? Need an estimate for more than one figurine? Feel free to flick us an email at  info@noddme.com.

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